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Tyres in Croydon | The Complete Replacement Service

Following the recent acquisition of a major tyre shop in our area, Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd proudly leads the local independent sector as a supplier and fitter of replacement tyres. All roads lead to our growing premises on Pitlake and, with the support of our customers, we expect to compete better than ever against national and fast-fit centres both locally and in the surrounding South Croydon and Warlingham areas.

We plan to hold one of the biggest independent stock lines in Croydon so, whenever you visit us for a set of replacement tyres, we should have the product you need on our shelves.

On the rare occasions we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll arrange for the fast delivery of tyres from local suppliers we know and trust. Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd supplies and fits premium tyres from some of the biggest names operating in our industry, such as Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Firestone and Continental. We also stock quality and budget tyres from companies such as Yokohama, Hankook and Westlake.

We’re much more than just your everyday car servicing and car repair company.

Premium Tyres

Our local customers, and those from the nearby South Croydon and Warlingham areas, can choose premium tyres from our company with confidence. The time and money that goes into product research results in tyres with improved road traction and sound-reducing performance. Drivers also benefit from shorter stopping distances and a marked improvement in fuel economy – making the actual tyres a safe, money-saving investment.

Such is the quality of premium tyres, major racing teams choose them in the world of Formula 1 and for race events in the British Touring Car Championship.

Quality Tyres

At Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd, we think quality tyres offer local motorists the perfect blend of price and innovation. Some of the world’s biggest premium tyre manufacturers also supply quality tyres, all of which undergo testing and development at the same facilities at their premium products. In fact, quality tyres perform surprisingly well when compared to premium lines, especially in terms of their longevity and grip.

The performance and lifespan of quality tyres make for a solid mid-range product at a competitive price with the guarantee of a value-added driving experience.

Budget Tyres

Naturally, some motorists in Croydon will have a little more to spend on new tyres than others. Our budget products deliver good performance at a much lower cost, but with no compromise in safety. Production standards still meet the high levels expected from our industry. We remind our customers, including visitors from South Croydon and Warlingham, that budget tyres have nothing to do with unsafe part-worn alternatives.

What you get from Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd is a product that responds and grips well in dry or wet conditions at a fair and affordable budget price.

Call 020 8680 2860 or 020 8680 5353 for replacement premium, quality and budget tyres from Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd.