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MOT Testing in Croydon | A Local MOT Centre with DVSA Approval

Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd undertakes safety, roadworthiness and emission checks as a genuinely local MOT centre with full DVSA approval. Class 4 and Class 7 MOT testing are both at the very heart of our business, which also provides inspection services for motorists in the surrounding South Croydon and Warlingham areas. Our workshop, located at Pitlake, has dedicated workshop spaces available solely for performing annual MOTs.

MOT testing, a legal obligation for any car which has been on UK roads for three years or more, involves a series of physical and visual checks. The criteria provided to us by the DVSA mainly focus on safety elements around your vehicle and, as long as a qualified inspector deems it as roadworthy, our Croydon MOT centre issues the required pass certificate.

MOTs must also include an emissions test for the exhaust system.

In some cases, our inspectors might provide the customer with an advisory notice. This is usually a notification that the vehicle meets the MOT testing criteria, but certain aspects require prompt attention to maintain roadworthiness. This is important because the inspection only recognises acceptable standards on the day of the appointment only.

For the rest of the year, the owner has full responsibility for maintaining these standards.

Class 4 and Class 7 MOT Testing

Local motorists, including those in South Croydon and Warlingham, can come in for an inspection at our MOT centre up to 28 days ahead of the current certificate’s expiry date. Take advantage by coming in at the earliest opportunity and, if you pass the test, both MOTs can run concurrently to provide you with up to 13 months of ongoing certification. This is something we recommend to ensure the best value from our services.

Become a regular customer with Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd and, whenever MOT testing is due on any car in your household, we’ll alert you to the forthcoming expiry date of the current certificate. The current penalty for driving without MOT certification is £1,000.00. Our alerts help local and regional motorists to avoid potentially expensive fines.

To see our inspectors at work, please take the time to visit our gallery.

Responsive MOT Repairs with Free Retests

We know how inconvenient it can be to fail one of our Class 4 or Class 7 MOTs, especially if you need your vehicle for the daily drive to work or for picking up the kids from one of the many schools in the Croydon area. Because our company also undertakes car repairs, we’ll be able to rectify the causes of an MOT testing failure on a responsive basis – often on the same day as the original test. Please be advised that we never perform repairs without prior approval.

Have repairs completed at our MOT centre in Croydon and, as soon as we’ve finished the work, we’ll put your car in for a free retest. If your vehicle fails an inspection because the tyres fall outside of current legal parameters, we offer a full replacement service through a stock line of products from the industry’s best-known premium and budget manufacturers.

If you don’t have the time to bring your car down to our workshop, we’ll pick it up from your home or workplace and drop it back afterwards. Our collection and delivery service covers all locations in Croydon and the nearby South Croydon and Warlingham areas.

Call 020 8680 2860 or 020 8680 5353 to book in for MOT testing with Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd.