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Car and Engine Repairs in Croydon from a Modern Local Workshop

Even the best-maintained vehicle can spring up the occasional unwelcome surprise in the form of a breakdown so, when the unthinkable happens, it’s good to know there’s a local and trusted company in the Croydon area waiting to deal with your car repairs in a fair, honest and transparent manner. Engine repairs, engine diagnostics and the ongoing management of car electrics are important elements of today’s modern garage services.

Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd handles car repairs in a timely, professional and customer-focused fashion. Our workshops extends a warm welcome to customers in the nearby area and also to those in all surrounding parts of South London and North East Surrey – including South Croydon and Warlingham to name just a few.

Here, we provide a valuable insight into our complete range of repair services:

Mechanical Car Repairs

Changes in trade and industry innovation have forced all garages to move with the times but there’s still a sizeable volume of demand for traditional mechanical skills in the field of car repairs. Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd employs skilled technicians with a wealth of experience and the knowledge required to perform repair work using troubleshooting techniques – the hallmark of any good mechanic with a solid background in our sector.

Typical mechanical car repairs include the replacement of worn braking and transmission components, but also factor in failed parts such as starter motors, alternators, water pumps and radiators. These services tend to suit older vehicles without an engine management system, but still play an important role in the repair of today’s more advanced models.

Engine Repairs

Gearbox failure, the result of premature engine wear and problems with the transmission system, is less common in an era where the entire car has an electrical subsystem with computer management to identify faults at the earliest stage. This isn’t to say that engine repairs aren’t a vital service because they are, and we deal with them on a frequent basis.

Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd, which also covers the nearby South Croydon and Warlingham areas, performs full and partial engine repairs in the event of mechanical failure or as a result of diagnostic testing. We are particularly skilled in the field of gearbox rebuilds, and have the knowledge needed to complete repairs on all manufacturer marques.

Engine Diagnostics

Motorists in the Croydon area with a modern vehicle might already know that the engine management system has an engine control unit that stores fault codes and transmits warnings to the dashboard in the event of a problem. We refer to the repair method we use to deal with such issues as engine diagnostics, a term that applies to the initial inspection procedure and also to the final evaluation provided to motorists by our technicians.

To perform engine diagnostics, garages require advanced code-reading equipment. Diagnostic equipment requires significant investment. At Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd, we never shy away from equipping our workshop with the industry’s latest engine management tooling with approval from major trade bodies and manufacturers.

Car Electrics

Engine diagnostics also have an important role to play in the world of car electrics, especially as the ECU and the electrical subsystem on modern vehicles have such close and inextricable links. The chances are that you have already seen the engine management light appear when driving and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, this indicates a recognised electrical fault – something that our advanced equipment retrieves in the form of a code.

When you visit us from South Croydon, Warlingham or any other location in the area, we promise to utilise the latest in modern tooling and to give you the best advice on any subsequent car repairs needed to resolve the issue. Just like tyres, brakes and clutches, your car electrics require immediate attention as soon as something goes wrong.

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