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Car Servicing in Croydon | Dealership Standards at Independent Rates

When motorists hand over their keys to Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd for car servicing, they do so knowing that our qualified technicians have the skills required to deliver dealership-standard results at a price that’s always fairer on the pocket. We’ve always seen it as important that our customers know exactly what we do to vehicles during a service, and the reasons as to why we do it – always in clear and simple terms.

After all, honesty and transparency cost nothing.

Our company adopts the same attitude with all garage services, and this is just one of the reasons why we attract so many customers not just locally, but also from the surrounding South Croydon and Warlingham areas. Car servicing, which we perform on a full or interim basis, is the most economical way to lower the potential for roadside breakdowns.

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Reasons to Service a Car Regularly

Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd performs full and interim car servicing to keep your vehicle running at optimum levels with better potential for engine and fuel efficiency. A regular service (and a change of oil) also preserves vital moving parts in the engine by reducing wear – one of the main reasons behind oil contamination, a frequent factor in poor operational performance and a major contributor to the need for gearbox rebuilds.

Avoid a service now, and expect to pay more for car repairs later.

We perform car servicing for customers in South London and North East Surrey, including those in the nearby South Croydon and Warlingham areas. The type of service you choose determines what we check but will usually contain most of the following elements:

  • An inspection of the windscreen wipers
  • A check on all fluid levels
  • Making sure the lights and indicators work
  • Visual check of the braking system
  • An inspection of the cam and fan belts
  • A physical test of the suspension system
  • Replacement of oil, fuel, air and pollen filters
  • Replacement of the engine oil
  • A check of the handbrake and clutch cables
  • Replacement of the spark plugs
  • A full inspection of the bodywork
  • A diagnostic check to measure exhaust emissions

Full and Interim Car Servicing

Motorists in Croydon and the surrounding areas have the option to book in for full and interim car servicing. The full service takes place annually or every 12,000 miles based on which comes sooner, and is a full health check for you vehicle. Typically, full car servicing is your 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th service, and so forth, unless you are a low-mileage driver.

Interim car servicing takes place every six months or every 6,000 miles and, once again, the service interval depends on which comes sooner. Your interim service will be the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th visit to our workshop but, if you cover less than 6,000 miles in a calendar year, you should be able to book in for just a full annual service at our premises in Croydon.

Please keep in mind that our garage services (and our car servicing in particular) comply fully with manufacturer schedules. This means you can use our company to service your car to the exact same standards as a dealership with no concerns over our technicians invalidating warranties or affecting the service histories that help to retain vehicle resale values.

The only thing that’s different with Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre Ltd is the price!

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