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Car Servicing in Warlingham | Croydon’s Air Conditioning Specialists

Most of our customers in Croydon, Warlingham and the surrounding areas see car servicing as something that focuses mainly on physical and mechanical components and they would be right. All services include an oil and filter change, but a full service also looks at the steering, suspension, coolants, engine parts such as the caps, fans and hoses, the brakes, the tyres, the exhaust and electrical components including the starter motor and battery.

One thing that doesn’t fall into the parameters of full or interim car servicing is the air conditioning system. This doesn’t make it any less important than any other part of your vehicle, but it still comes as a surprise to us that so many people overlook it.

Did you know that your air conditioning system stores harmful allergen and pathogens which, without a regular service, could leave you experiencing regular headaches or a sensation of sickness? In a worst-case scenario, the bacteria associated with dirty pipework could result in asthma; a serious concern if you frequently drive with children in the car.

Come to our Croydon workshop for an air conditioning service and we’ll also recharge the refrigerant and check the system for leaks. Having a functional cooling system, particularly in the summer, promotes a more comfortable driving experience that you’ll appreciate during periods of particularly warm weather. Keep your cool when others are losing theirs, and drive in clean, sanitary conditions without having to worry about your family’s health.

The Croydon MOT, Tyre and Service Centre is about so much more than traditional car repairs and we’re always adding new services to those we already offer local motorists.

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